Filipe Silva   Managing Director

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Filipe has 6 years of experience in public health medicine in various settings. He has experience of undertaking health impact assessment and health assessment components of environmental and social assessments, public health research and epidemiology, epidemiological surveillance, health systems management, community development and health promotion work in both high income and low to middle income countries, within public, private and voluntary sector organisations. He has a strong interest in quantification, particularly in relation to the health impacts of air pollution.

He has participated in twelve projects including stand-alone health impact assessments and the health assessment component of ESIAs and SESAs on policies, plans and projects in the oil and gas, extractives, transport and urban planning sectors. He has a strong focus on the quantitative assessment of health effects, particularly in relation to air pollution. He is currently a director at PhD responsible for business development in Latin America.

Filipe has a Bachelor and Masters in Medicine by the University of Oporto and a Masters in Public Health by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine with a focus on health in EIA and SEA, environmental health and environmental epidemiology.

He has undertaken additional specific training in geographical information systems applied to public health research and practice, health impact assessment (IMPACT, University of Liverpool), strategic environmental assessment and environmental impact assessment principles and practice.

Filipe is clinically registered with the Portuguese Medical Association. He is also a member of the Portuguese Impact Assessment Association and the International Association for Impact Assessment.

Salim Vohra Founder Director

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Salim is currently a lecturer in health promotion and public health at the University of West London.

He is a Honorary Fellow of Staffordshire University and Conjoint Lecturer at the University of South Wales for his expertise in HIA.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH); an Associate of the Faculty of Public Health; a member and webmaster for the Transport and Health Study Group;  a member (and past Chair of the Health Section) International Association for Impact Assessment; and an Editorial Board member for Environmental Impact Assessment Review.

Salim has worked in public health for over 20 years. Over the last 12 years he has focused on health impact assessment, healthy urban planning, health equity, healthy public policy/health in all policies and health impact evaluation.

He was the Director of the Centre for Health Impact Assessment at the Institute of Occupational Medicine, based in their London Office, between 2007-2013. Before that he was at Peter Brett  Associates, an environmental and engineering consultancy, for two years, based at their Reading and London Offices.

He has led HIAs in a range of sectors – economic, energy, health services, housing, transport, regeneration and waste at project and policy levels - either as stand-alone HIAs or ones that were part of environmental and social assessments and strategic environmental assessments/sustainability appraisals. 

He was lead author for three guides: a scottish HIA guide of greenspace, an international guide on occupational health risk assessment and a community health impact assessment guide for the mining sector. All three were developed while he was at the Institute of Occupational Medicine.

He was a leading member of the health work package for the European Commission research project IMP3 ‘Improving the Implementation of Environmental Impact Assessment’. He undertook a project with the Development Bank of Southern Africa to develop capacity and identify how HIA could be incorporated into the Banks existing environmental and social impact assessment processes. He led a review for the English Department of Health on how HIA is carried out by government departments ‘Putting Health in the Policy Picture’.

His educational background is in medicine (MBChB), environmental epidemiology (MSc) and public health policy (PhD). He is an alumnus of the University of Leicester and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Shamoona Vohra   Projects and Finance Coordination, Community Consultation


Shamoona runs our office and provides lead administrative support to projects including coordinating and supporting community consultation events and activities.

She was involved in supporting the community consultation for the Marsh Farm Masterplan Health Impact Assessment and in helping to prepare the Health Impact Assessment for Greenspace: A Guide.





Noorjahan Gandhi   Information Management, Research

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Noorjahan is a research assistant who undertakes first stage literature reviews, community profiles and the identification and initial contact with key community and professional stakeholders.










Judith Ball   Public Health Consultant

Judith is a New Zealand-based social scientist with over 10 years experience in public health. She has dual citizenship (British & New Zealand) and has lived and worked in UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Asia. She has worked across diverse subject areas including disaster preparedness, transport and urban design, lead exposure, health promotion, nutrition and physical activity, oral health, mental wellbeing and health equity.

Judith is an experienced Health Impact Assessment practitioner, with particular skills in qualitative methods, community engagement and equity analysis. She has highly developed analytical skills and a great deal of practical experience in conducting evidence reviews and qualitative research to inform public policy and health promotion programmes. Her research experience includes study design, project management, and leadership of multi-ethnic research teams exploring health and social issues for indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities. She is a skilled research interviewer and focus group moderator.

Judith’s academic background is in psychology and she has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and a Master of Arts (Critical Psychology) from the University of Western Sydney, Australia. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health from the University of Otago, New Zealand. 

Colleen Williams   HIA and Public Health Consultant

Colleen is an independent HIA and public health consultant.

She was the Health Impact Assessment Policy Lead at the UK Department of Health from 2004-10.

She published the Draft Guidance on Health in Strategic Environmental Assessment in 2007 and drew up the first HIA guidance for cross government Impact Assessment and subsequently revised it following research on how it was being used. She also commissioned the evidence review on the recently published Transport and Health to support SEAs of Local Transport Plans.

During her career she worked in the NHS and Local Authorities in policy, strategy, commissioning and developmental roles.


Partner Public and Environmental Health Consultancies 


BirleyHIA is a leading international health impact assessment consultancy that pioneered the theory and practice of HIA and has been conducting HIAs since the 1980s.

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Global Health and Environmental Management

GHEM is an international health, environment and management consultancy specialising in health impact assessment, environmental management, health improvement, capacity building, management consultancy and research.

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Institute of Occupational Medicine

IOM is one of the longest-established independent occupational and environmental health research institutes in the world. It provides an independent approach to the investigation of complex problems involving harmful agents and their effects on human health. Its staff have a central role in many international workplace and environmental health projects funded by governments, European agencies, industry and other organisations.

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JK Public Health Consulting

JKPHC is a UK consultancy offering personalised consultancy services to local authorities, health and wellbeing boards and clinical commissioning groups. They also act as expert consultants in impact assessment teams led by other consultancies.

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