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Social determinants of health diagram

Social Determinants of Health Rainbow by Vohra S from various original by Dahlgren Whitehead 1991 - Blue transparent

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Dahlgren, Goren and Whitehead, Margaret. (1991). Policies and strategies to promote social equity in health. Stockholm Institute for Future Studies.

Download this original discussion paper by clicking here.

Also check out my article on the HIA blog where I highlight some interesting aspects of the document by clicking here.

World Health Organization (WHO) report Policies and Strategies to promote equity in health (1992) is based on this one year earlier report. Download this report by clicking here.

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modifiedDPSEEA or modifiedDPSEEA-C framework-model diagram

This diagram is free to use in non-commercial and commercial applications.
Suggested Citation: Morris et al (2006). Version created by Vohra S (2009).

DPSEEA is a model developed through the World Health Organization, by Corvalán, Briggss and Kjellstroee references below,  that frames environmental health thinking and impacts in terms of drivers/driving forces that generate pressures which lead to a chnage in the state of the environment. This in turn leads to changes in exposure that lead to changes in health effects and outcomes. Across this whole pathway actions can be taken to protect and promote health and wellbeing and reduce the impacts of driving forces and pressures that adversely affect the state of the environment in ways that damage health and wellbeing. This was modied by Morris, Beck, Hanlon and Robertson, to include context. It is context which also influences how exposures take place and effects occur. Context modies how changes in the environment lead to chnages in expsure and effects.

This important framework-model was used in EDPHiS, Environmental Determinants of Public Health in Scotland, see link on this site for more details.

Development of environmental health indicators. (1996). Corvalán, C., Briggs, D. and Kjellstrom, T. (1996). In Linkage methods for environment and health analysis. General guidelines. Briggs, Corvalán and Nurminen (eds.). Geneva: UNEP, USEPA and WHO.

Getting strategic about the environment and health. (2006). Morris GP, Beck SA, Hanlon P, Robertson R. Public Health. Vol. 120. pp 889-907.





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