Salim developed two guides for the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM): Good Practice Guidance on Occupational Health Risk Assessment and Good Practice Guidance on Health Impact Assessment. He was lead writer and worked collaboratively with a range of industry stakeholders to co-author the guides. Both guides were high quality and delivered on time and within budget. The two guides provide state of the art and practical approaches to assessing the potential occupational and community impacts of international mining and metals projects. Both have been positively received by the mining and metals sector.
— Mark Holmes, Manager - Health and Safety, International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM)
I had the opportunity to hire Salim when working on a large regeneration programme (New Deal for the Community) in a deprived area of Luton. Salim’s work was professional and always on time. He provided Luton with what you might call “the gold standard” in comprehensive HIA’s. I was particuarly impressed with his follow up, ensuring that Luton (as the client) was satisfied with the product in addition to making great efforts to ensure that the HIA process was understood by all stakeholders. I would gladly hire Salim’s services again to support the work of HIA in Luton.
— Chimeme Egbutah, Advanced Health Improvement Specialist - Wider Determinants of Health, Luton Borough Council
Sal has been an energetic promoter of Health Impact Assessment for some years now. It has been a pleasure to work with him on the ICMM guidance. I still recall the papers on uncertain risk management that he sent me during his PhD days. Then, as now, he poses important philosophical issues. In his current role he has a great overview of both Health Risk Assessment (workforce) and Health Impact Assessment (community). I look forward to learning more from him on future joint projects.
— Martin Birley, International Health Impact Assessment Professional - BirleyHIA
Salim is an expert on HIA who has experience not only of delivering Health Impact Assessments on a wider range of plans and strategies , but also of working across NHS, LA and planning authorities to facilitate the development of a systematic approach to HIA and healthy urban planning. He has also successfully mentored staff from a range of backgrounds to carry out their own HIA;s as appropriate.
— Judy Kurth, Strategic Manager - Safer and Healthy Communities, Public Health, City of Stoke on Trent
I successfully cooperated with Salim on a number of Health Impact Assessments (HIA), including a major water and a transport scheme. Salim provided his expert advice on the development of methodology, reviewed the detailed assessments and was closely involved in the stakeholder consultation process. He is a well-established and recognised expert in the HIA field in the UK and internationally and, hence, his involvement was invaluable in terms of ensuring the robustness and acceptability of the HIA approach. Additionally, Sal is also a great person to work with - he brings both a great level of commitment and fun to the work process.
— Olena Popovych Olena Popovych, Sustainability and Environmental Consultant
Salim is a committed and knowledgeable HIA practitioner. I have had contact with as both a service provider (as an HIA consultant and editor) and as a colleagues (International Association for Impact Assessment and collaborating on the International HIA Blog). He has been consistentently helpful, accommodating and cheerful in my dealing with him. He assisted greatly in the development of our HIA guide and I have no hesitations in recommending him to others.
— Ben Harris-Roxas, Senior Consultant, ZEST Health Strategies
As Project Director of the Hounslow Special Personal Medical Services (SPMS) I recognised the need for independent evaluation of the project. The evaluation itself demanded not only great evaluation skills, but also a great deal of sensitivity; the results of the evaluation would have a significant impact on staff and their future employment. Salim carried out the evaluation with both skill and sensitivity and his report and recommendations were clear and unambiguous.
— Kirstie McLachlan, Leadership Development Consultant
Salim and I were at LSHTM together. He was always at the centre of many passionate discussions and debates. He always brought an invigorating blend of specialist knowledge and practical experience. He was always fascinated by ideas and by ideas that have the potential to change the world. This still holds true. We worked together on Health (and other) Impact Assessments in the early 2000’s. It was great to work alongside him. He is now doing excellent things at IOM and in the wider impact assessment community.
— Ben Cave, Chief Executive, BCA
Sal and I spent a lot of time studying together, days and nights, pausing to chat about the meaning of life, occasionally smiling at night bus drivers at 2am in Oxford Street. He is a natural leader, our team compassionate and assertive leader. He has a vision of healthcare and social policy which reassures me that, after all, there is someone I know really looking at the bigger picture. I really only regret we haven’t had the opportunity to work together again, but U never know...
— Ferdinando Vegni, Head Global Trial Safety Oncology Hematology, Celgene