Health in All Policies (or Healthy Public Policy) is based on the insight that it is not just policies on healthcare and medical services that affect health and wellbeing but that economic, housing, transport, education and social welfare policies all have a profound influence and affect on individual and community health and wellbeing.

Embedding health protection and improvement as one of the objectives within non-health policies can have significant and long term positive changes in societal health and wellbeing.

We have extensive experiencing of supporting public sector organisations to promote and review healthy public policy within their own and other organisations.

Our aim is to provide information, analysis and an understanding of how organisations take up healthy public policy in order to increase the awareness and use of a healthy public policy lens and approach in local, regional and national decision-making.

We take a tailored and structured approach based on the client’s remit and budget to help deliver sustained and meaningful change.

Case Study 1:
Supporting the development of an integrated assessment tool, HIA guidance and HIA capacity building in Stoke-on-Trent City Council