Healthy Infrastructure and Planning

Embedding healthy urban design principles and health proofing masterplans and the design of new developments can enhance quality of life, reduce health and social inequalities, promote health equity and and maximize the health and well-being impacts of urban infrastructure and planning.

The consequences of masterplan designs of new developments as well as spatial and land use planning decisions deteremine how easy or difficult this makes it for people to access goods and services, engage with other people and be exposed to environmental and social hazards.

This can have a profound influence on the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. These effects tend to disproportionately fall on those who are already socially, economically and environmentally disadvantaged or suffering from poor health and wellbeing.

In addition the visual aesthetics, quality of materials and affordance that built and natural environments provide affects how individuals and communities perceive and interact with and in these environments and in turn individual and community health and wellbeing.


Our Approach

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