International and regional finanance and development institutions need to undertake due diligence on projects that they are looking to provide or are providing loans to.

We have expertise in providing the necessary community health due diligence

We provide consultancy, research, training and mentoring services in health due diligence. Phone or email us to discuss your needs.

What is Community Health Due Diligence?

Community Health Due Diligence uses a HIA approach to rapidly consider the health and wellbeing implication of a project proposed for lender funding.

We can assist lending bank staff to think through the potential community health issues that they will need to work with potential lenders on and help to ensure that lenders understand what the existing community and health issues are where they are proposing to site or implement a project and what the possible and likely health and wellbeing impacts - positive and negative - that they will need to manage as part of gaining funding.


Value of Community Health Due Diligence?

Often community health issues are considered under general safety or occupational health and safety. Community health needs to be judged and analysed by specialists in public healthg with strong qualifications, experience and skills in understanding the complex pathways by which positive and negative health and wellbeing impacts can occur.